About Us

Reece and Ryan grew up playing baseball together and began making handmade balls in 6th grade, which we would use to play baseball at our local elementary school field every day of summer. The balls had to be lighter and softer than real baseballs because our goal was to hit them into the houses for a home run, but we wanted to avoid breaking windows or hurting people in the process. The dingerball™ was born. Over the years, we experimented and perfected the formula for the perfect dingerball™, which we make today. We continue to play with these balls, and find them more fun than real baseballs (but the real ones still hold a special place in our hearts).

In 2021, we began this business with the help of Moreland Little League President Sean O'Connor. For the 2022 Season, Moreland began using dingerballs™ for T-ball and A-ball level baseball, which we are very proud of. We plan to continue expanding our business to other Little Leagues, as well as kids and adults of any age who want to have fun with our balls like we do.