Handmade baseball Products


dingerballs™ are specialty handmade baseballs that are half the weight of traditional baseballs and are semi-soft on the outside, but still dense. They can be thrown hard (90+mph). They have raised seams which allow for sharp breaking pitches, and they fly off the bat like a real baseball. Play in the park or on a little league field and worry less about property damage and avoid causing injury. Ditch the hardballs and plastic balls, and have more fun with dingerballs™!


The dingerzone™ is the perfect addition to a set of dingerballs™. Having the complete package gives you the ability to play dingerball with 1 other person. Set up the zone behind the plate, and let it be your umpire. The zones are built with strong materials and are tested to withstand pitches up to 90mph. This is the most durable strikezone of its kind on the market, for a fraction of the cost.